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Zespri Kiwi Runner Game

We created a runner AR game for Zespri to help promote the choice for healthy foods.

  • Client
    Zespri International Limited
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  • Platform
  • Format
    Runner Game

To counter the rising consumption of ultra processed foods, Zespri rallies to reawaken our natural relationship with fresh food by challenging us to rethink what we eat daily. To choose real food, like kiwifruit.

So we created a branded AR runner game as a nudge in the right direction!

Healthy gameplay

The game starts with a peek in a fridge that already has some healthy food items in stock, but can definitely use some more. Choose one of the KiwiBrothers™ characters as your player, and jump to the kitchen counter!

During the race, tilt your head in the direction you want to go to collect as much healthy food as possible: kiwi fruits (obviously), avocado, strawberries, cucumber, vitamine C and fibers. Meanwhile, make sure to dodge the bad processed stuff such as crisps, donuts and cookies.

A counter on the top right keeps your score (and yes, collecting kiwis pays off with 5x as many points). Hit a bad one? Then it’s game over…

Zespri has a distinguished brand palette of fresh shades of green, yellow and orange.

These shades are implemented throughout the game, as to immerse the player seamlessly in the Zespri brand world.

When the game prompts you to choose one of the KiwiBrothers™ as a character, the other one will automatically get in place to support you during the race.

Did you notice him sitting among the kitchen supplies?

The Zespri International Limited HQ is located in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.


Zespri sells two kinds of kiwis in over 50 countries, as world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit: The Zespri Sungold and the Zespri Green. Like the fruit, the brand is equally bold & bright, real (no sugar-coating) and playfully unexpected.

And what better way to convey this in their mission nutrition than with a mascot?
That’s right, two mascots!

Zespri Green, the Witty Kiwi
Zespri SunGold, the Quirky Kiwi

The KiwiBrothers™ are bringing the main character energy that is needed nowadays in marketing.

Demanding attention to help deliver the functional message in bold, playful way.

So we made sure to bring that same energy in the AR game!

We implemented the existing highly detailed 3D characters in motion, and made the transition to the in-game version look seamless.

The 3D kitchen resembles the kitchen in the campaign.
The KiwiBrothers™ chilling, in both AR and the campaign.
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