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An AR tour for the University of Antwerp where you could see penguins in the water, marry an android, let pterosaurs fly through the air again or meet a demonstrating polar bear in city of Antwerp.

  • Client
    Wunderman Thompson
  • Brand
    University of Antwerp
  • 3D animation
    Rabbit Hole
  • Year

To get potential students excited about the university’s e-Info day, the university is organised a Tour of the Future in Antwerp. The tour leads the potential students past five billboards with special posters. When they scan those posters with their smartphones, they can see the future come to life through AR.

Tour of the future poster 2


The Tour of the future had more than 40K views in just two weeks and with only 5 billboards in the city. But the most important result is that because of the AR and the rest of the campaign, 11% more first-years started at the University the following year.

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