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Last Halloween we launched the viral TikTok effect 'Horror Hotel'. Loosely inspired by the Shining.

You can ride, but you can’t hide. There is no end to your escape attempt in our TikTok AR Effect ‘Horror Hotel’. Loosely inspired by the Shining. Only things didn’t go well with Johnny and his door. 🪓
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Our TikTok AR Effect went viral and has racked up 3 billion views since October 25 of last year. This is the total number of views on the 6,6 million videos made with the Effect. 

  • Videos with effect: 6.664.993
  • Views on videos with effect: 3.080.721.458
  • Likes on videos: 218.261.220
  • Opens Effect: 83.246.014
  • Shares Effect: 11.407.708

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