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PUB interactive cover

We created an interactive AR cover for PUB Magazine that was triggered by an AI generated QR code

👍 Post, comment, like, post, comment, like 👍

The social media machine is always running. And we brought this mad machine to life in AR on the magazine cover of PUB Magazine, the trade publication of the Belgian advertising industry.

This issue zoomed in on how brands and media platforms use social media. We translated this into a captivating and functional AI-generated QR code, with a sneak peek on the mysterious person who is turning the knobs of the social media factory.

Once scanned, the spatial social media machine pops up and keeps spinning…endlessly.

Editorial storytelling

Working together with Shai Creative, we created an AI-generated QR code that both served as the cover illustration and as an invitation to interact with the magazine. The cover as well as the AR effect ignite some thought about the state of social media nowadays.

Try scanning the cover shown here (or head to Instagram directly) to open the effect.

Spatial Likes

Starting off with the infamous ‘like’, the social media machine unfolds itself as a spatial augmented reality effect with a pulse: spawning an endless stream of posts and likes to capture your attention.

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