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Nissan Juke AR launch

We created a realistic digital twin in AR on Snapchat for the launch of the Nissan Juke.

  • Client
    Nissan France x TBWA Paris x Snapchat
  • Year
  • Platform
  • Format
    Interactive AR twin

In 2024, Nissan will be entering a new brand era. Chapter one of this new era, is the launch of their newest model Nissan Juke mid April ’24.

This distinctive new model and brand approach calls for an equally bold communication campaign, in which AR plays an essential role.

So we created a captivating way to enage with both!

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Defy ordinary

Encapsulating their desire to differentiate from the uniformized automotive industry and leverage their heritage of extraordinary projects, Nissan fittingly named their campaign ‘Defy Ordinary’. A name to which this new model surely answers with its bold, iconic yellow exterior and dynamic interior with sporty details and an enhanced screen size.

Translating the exact design to an augmented reality twin on Snapchat in their extensive digital-first campaign was the right addition to underscore Nissan’s disruptive coup.

Crossing over

The AR experience allows 27M Snapchat users to discover both the exterior and interior of the vehicle virtually, as if you were viewing it on the street IRL or sitting in its sporty seats.

After switching from selfie-mode, the user can place the vehicle in its direct surroundings and then walk around the car in real-life size. Visual prompts invite the user to tap on the vehicle in different places, after which its distinctive features pop up.

Curious for what’s inside?

Switch with the buttons on screen and find yourself immersed in the equally bold and realistic interior, highlighting innovative features, such as a large screen on the dashboard.

With both the car and the campaign being a hybrid crossover, interaction is guaranteed!

Some behind the scenes:

To close the circle, we added the additional elements from the visual campaign in the AR experience, such as the floating balloons revealing the car. We also worked on realistic light reflection and shadows, so that the immersion works in all its glory.

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