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Foot Locker x NBA – AR game

We created an immersive AR game as part of the ultimate NBA fan experience for Foot Locker.

  • Client
    Foot Locker x Snapchat
  • Agency
  • Year
  • Campaign
    NBA Paris Game 2024
  • Format
    AR immersive game
  • Platform

Basketball is emotion. A way of life, a motto, a way to express yourself, as stated by Foot Locker. These concepts come together in the infamous NBA (National Basketball Association).

Foot Locker created the ultimate fan experience for the only game that is played in Europe in 2024 (Paris) with an AR experience that lets you shoot hoops, score points and unlock the unique merch!

Highlighting Foot Locker as the official retail partner of the NBA Paris game, this AR experience served as an extra boost to sell the unique merchandise.

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From court to locker room

The NBA league is not only popular because of its competitions, but also its merchandise that captures the lifestyle. The interactive AR game showcases the Foot Locker partnership and the statement NBA Tunnel fashion – also known as what the players are wearing when they enter the court. 

And through this game, you can now collect these items virtually too!

The storyboard

Scoring points

The game starts with the front camera, prompting the player to choose their favourite player/team. Scoring as many points as possible in the given time unlocks the unique merch: the more points, the more items are visible in the (foot)locker room that opens up after finishing the game. 

The court

To give the game a similar exciting energy as you would get on the real basketball court, a lot of attention went into the details of the virtual version.

Seeing the size and height of the virtual court, immersed in the Foot Locker x NBA branding, surrounded by an excited audience and their cheering set the tone: this is your moment to score!

The basketball court in development

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