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HUGO BLUE immersive world

We created an immersive two-folded AR Lens for HUGO BLUE to connect the brand world directly with their Gen Z target audience.

  • Client
    HUGO BOSS x Snapchat
  • Year
  • Platform
  • Format
    Immersive world experience

In Spring ’24, Hugo Boss lauched HUGO BLUE, a new Gen Z brand line. A relaxed and inclusive collection, featuring denim & streetwear. A new world of BLUE for HUGO!

Targeting Gen Z, the campaign seamlessly blends both physical experiences (in-store and a launch event) with digital experiences (AR, FOOH and a Roblox world).

The cherry on top? An immersive AR Snap Lens, weaving both worlds together!

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Immersive HUGO world

To really let this new brand become relevant in culture, the campaign launched with HUGO world, an extensive brand universe in both physical and digital realms.

The AR Lens featured key elements from the HUGO world – from logo and colors, to inflatables and an interactive denim cap with Y2K details, of course all blue – enabling the user to transform themselves and their surroundings instantly into HUGO BLUE completely.

To drive traffic to the Lens, we also created advertisements with similar elements, teasing to check out the Lens and go play yourself.

Reaching the social generation

Targeting Gen Z – a generation marked by blurring the lines of e.g. aesthetics, gender and the distinction between physical and digital worlds -, Snapchat was the go-to platform to extend this campaign to social media.

With Snapchat reaching about 90% of 13-24 year olds in 25 countries, this platform offers Gen Z a great opportunity to get inspired by this new distinctive fashion line and show it to their own social network instantly.

A detailed look at the Y2K beads bangling from the denim cap and the inflatable lettering placements.

Blending physical with digital

The Lens went live during the HUGO BLUE launch event on March 6 in Berlin. Here, the physical and virtual realms blended together in a unique experience that combined elements of entertainment (FOOH), the metaverse and gaming (Roblox), tailored to Gen Z.

A recurring feature in all parts of the campaign was coloring the world around in the distinctive brand color. With the AR Lens, the user is able to transform their surroundings instantly – regardless of time & place.

Teaser for HUGO BLUE (©HUGO)
The launch event, featuring Y2K styling (©HUGO)
A peek into the HUGO BLUE Roblox world (©HUGO)
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