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Glenfiddich x Aykan Umut

We created a music-synchronized Instagram effect for Glenfiddich.

  • Client
  • Year
  • Collab
    Indiandribble & PLUS-ONE Gallery
  • Format
    Immersive pop-up art exhibition

Together with Indiandribble, we brought the AI art of Aykan Umut to life for Glenfiddich with an immersive Instagram-effect.

Art and design are anchored in Glenfiddich’s DNA. That is why they started L’Atelier by Glenfiddich, a series of collaborations with artists.

Through a wild postering campaign in Antwerp and Brussels, passersby could scan a QR-code and immerse in the art in augmented reality. Upon scanning, a boombox pops out of the poster, synchronising to the afrobeat music. 

→Try the effect on Instagram

Immersing the passerby

A true urban campaign, exploring different media: from a classic medium (poster) to extended reality. AR brought the poster’s artwork to another dimension, immersing the viewer for a longer period of time than they would have with a regular poster.

Booming AR

Part of the original artwork was created as a 3D model. The AR effect was then combined with music, meticulously synchronized to the afro beats for an extra impactful experience using Instagram’s Audio Reactivity feature.

Aykan Umut

Aykan Umut’s recognizable style blends street art, urban music and a retro-futuristic style.

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