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FTI Location-based AR games

We created three location-based AR games in the center of Antwerp for the Flanders Technology & Innovation festival.

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    Stad Antwerpen x FTI
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    Location-based AR games
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In March 2024, the City of Antwerp hosted the Closing Festival of Flanders Technology & Innovation. To help promote this event, we created three location-based AR games in the city center to win free family tickets.

Each AR experience used a different game mechanic, as well as a Visual Positioning System and exact 3D meshes of the physical locations. A great way to integrate and showcase AR during FTI!

→ Read the press release by City of Antwerp

Playing with landmarks

Three iconic landmarks throughout the city center became the host of a different interactive AR game.

At the statue of Rubens on the Groenplaats, you had to fight off flying robots to protect the ticket. At the Grote Markt, you would need to scout for missing parts to repair a robot. And at the Vrijdagmarkt, you could play a game of memory on the windows of the museum Plantin-Moretus.

Fighting robots at the Groenplaats

Fixing the robot at the Grote Markt

Finding duos at the Vrijdagmarkt

The storyboards (click to open):

The AR experiences and accompanying OOH billboards used graphic elements that were used throughout the branding and visual production of the festival.

Visual Positioning System

The games are location-based webAR experiences on the 8thwall platform, where we used Niantic’s Lightship Visual Positioning System (VPS) – which you might remember from Pokémon Go

A virtual map showed your position in the city center, and where the other games were to be played. So you had a clear visual guide on where to go next. 

Dynamic 3D

By creating detailed 3D meshes of the landmarks, the AR could detect your physical location exactly and deliver the game experience in a seamless, dynamic way. If you moved, the AR experience moved with you.

Behind the scenes

The memory game on the museum featured elements that relate to typical Antwerp phenomenons, such as diamonds, the harbor, book printing, and of course the iconic red A – the city’s logo.

A closer look to Ruben’s 3D scan and his attackers.

We collaborated with Bloempot Media for a more elaborate case video, as seen above.

A nice chance to have some fun ourselves on the first sunny afternoon of the year! ☀️

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