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Dior B33 experience

We created an exclusive immersive world effect for Dior for the launch of their new B33 sneaker.

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    B33 Digital Twin
  • Format
    Immersive world experience & try on

For the launch of Dior’s B33 sneaker with a digital twin, we created a luxury immersive world effect on Snapchat – exclusively accessible for owners of the sneakers. A great example of how physical fashion can get a valuable digital extension. 

Via an NFC chip integrated in the sole of the sneakers, owners get access to a platform with their digital certificate of authenticity, early access to new products, a virtual pair as NFT and this immersive Snapchat lens with virtual try on.

A truly personal and digital luxury fashion experience.

Unlocking luxury

The lens reveals the iconic design sneakers emerging from a detailed, fully branded Dior-trunk that emerges from the floor of your own direct environment. 

Only when unlocked with the unique ID code, the AR sneakers can land on your feet.

Detailed AR assets

The physical & digital sneaker were translated to a 3D version suitable for AR.

The luxury trunk was also translated to an immersive AR version, including special effects.

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