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We created an AR portal experience generated by AI for Deliveroo's campaign 'How do you Deliveroo'

  • Client
    Deliveroo UAE
  • Year
  • Campaign
    How Do You Deliveroo?
  • Format
    AR portal

Inspired on the Deliveroo campaign How Do You Deliveroo, we created an AR portal experience on Snapchat that was partially generated by AI.

Starting off in selfie-mode, portraying the user with a pair of hot deal-glasses and floating craveable food items.

Next, an augmented reality AI portal in the shape of a pizza slice transports you to a dreamy and Daliesque world, where the users embark on a food gathering adventure.

At the end, a reward awaits!

→ View the lens on Snapchat


Once on the food planet, users are prompted to find and tap on different surrealistic Deliveroo food items, such as a fries volcano or a spaghetti waterfall.

After locating the food items, the users get rewarded with a secret promo code for the food delivery platform.

AI visualization

The Daliesque world and food items were created with Midjourney, Runway and Adobe Firefly. With several iterations and moodboards, the intriguing Deliveroo food planet was assembled.

Subsequently, all the items were brought together and came to life with animation as a 360° spatial AR environment.

A planet made out of fast food, visualized by AI.
Part of the AI-moodboard

Branded experience

Deliveroo’s logo, font and distinctive teal colour were added throughout the AR lens to create a recognizable, on-brand experience.

Daliesque planet made by AI for Deliveroo AR filter
AI world in Deliveroo's teal brand colour

AI moodboard

Besides the detailed landscapes on an other-worldly planet, artificial intelligence also provided several moodboards for the general setting, composition and vibe of the filter. These AI-images were used as visual references in the further creation of the lens.

Burgers floating in a teal sky on an alien planet
AI generated image as a visual reference for the AR portal experience for Deliveroo
AI generated images as a visual reference for the AR portal experience for Deliveroo
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