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Chopard Enchanted Quest

We created an immersive game on Snapchat for Chopard that captured the visually high-end winter-themed campaign into an AR experience.

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For this joyful Christmas collaboration with Chopard and Snapchat we pulled all the strings to bring the brands’ iconic winterland to life in a unique AR experience worthy of Chopard’s high craft values.

The goal was to showcase the fantastic products in a truly engaging way on Snapchat, with a Lens that fit perfectly in the broader campaign visuals of Arty & the Enchanted Quest.

A challenge, because this campaign uses very detailed graphics that needed to translate seamlessly into an AR experience that runs smoothly on any device.

Play, collect, unbox

3, 2, 1, start! The user controls Arty the Bear with the tilting of their head, as he slides down the road through the snowy landscape. Collecting blue giftboxes while avoiding the stones and greeting his friends along the way results in a pile of presents plus a satisfying unboxing experience of the items that they managed to grab at the end.

This is how social AR can truly outshine video-only campaigns: by putting the audience right in the middle of the experience and offering a real incentive for coming along the ride.

The Lens uses the same main point of view, characers, landscape elements and color palette as the campaign.

A peek inside the storyboard:

The starting screen
Game elements
The reward: unboxing

High-end visuals in low-poly game

In order to run effortlessly on any mobile device, AR experiences like these must be relatively low in file size. However, the more details are required in an AR visual experience, the more polygons and thus computing power is required to generate the image on a device.

Therefore, we used multiple smart techniques to match the highly detailed luxury brand universe of Chopard’s winter wonderland, while maintaining a low poly count: re-usable tiles and dynamic instancing for the game mechanics, advanced VFX and shaders in Lens studio as well as polishing and color correction to get the atmosphere just right.

With the finishing touch of our sound engineer, Arty’s Enchanted Quest came to life in AR completely without compromise!

→ Try the Lens on Snapchat

Behind the scenes creation of the characters and trees.

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