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Bol Always On AR

We created AR looks, games and randomizers for the always-on campaigns throughout the year for Bol.

  • Client
    Bol x Snapchat
  • Agency
  • Years
    2023 & 2024
  • Campaigns
    Summer, Christmas, Students, New Year
  • Format
    Games & randomizers

It’s no news that always-on digital marketing campaigns are a good idea for brand awareness. Adding augmented reality to that as a structural AR layer is a great tool to leverage your online impact even more. Research has shown that advertising and social media with an AR component result in a tangible brand lift. has understood this. From playing with personas with funny looks, a minigame to randomizers, we created several Snapchat Lenses for them to reach their target audiences when it matters most. This always-on AR strategy already got recognition at the Best Social Awards 2024 for best brand.

Summer Splash

When summer is around the corner, it is time to start thinking about your holiday necessities. Pool accessories, for example.

To showcase the inflatables featured in Bol’s television commercial, we created a branded Snapchat Lens that attributes a specific summer character to the user through a randomizer.

Once the Lens has chosen a persona, the face of the user transforms into the corresponding inflatable animal.

→ Try the Summer Lens on Snapchat

The Lens was seamlessly integrated in the broader campaign, in the same visual style.

Gift Card Game

No matter how you celebrate your Christmas, a gift card is always a good idea for a present.

For a chance to win a real Bol giftcard, we created a runner game which combines a classic Christmas dinner with collecting gift cards. Avoiding all obstacles (iconic products, typical Christmas dishes and tricky family questions) leads to a landing page for the gift card contest.

A game with a competition element like this tends to activate and retain people successfully.

→ Try the Christmas Lens on Snapchat

This Lens was part of a campaign to reposition the gift card as the ideal present. It also featured some specific products from Bol that gained traction through social media memes, as well as typical Dutch Christmas dishes – both recognisable by the younger Dutch target audience.

A peak inside the storyboard:

Study Scanner

To help aspiring students with picking the right studies, this randomizer game selects a fitting major for you.

However, the curricula are not standard, but suggest interesting new fields of studies within the Bol universe. Peppered with elements from the student life, each result features a couple of Bol products that can support typical student activities.

→ Try the Study Scanner on Snapchat

Monday Review

The most moody day of the week (or isn’t it?) just got brighter with Bol.

With just one tap on the screen, you can rate your Monday. Do you give it a a 1-star review or do you transform your mood into a happy face with a stellar 5-star experience?

Bol adapted the Lens on special Mondays, for example a New Year’s Day Lens and – of course – on the most depressing Monday of the year: Blue Monday.

→ Try the mood booster on Snapchat

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