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An AR experience for the high-end digital couture from The Antwerp Cyber-Six. As part of an exhibition in the Plus One Gallery and in magazines.

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    Plus One Gallery
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    The Antwerp Cyber Six
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Digital fashion house Mutani has launched The Antwerp Cyber-Six. High-end digital couture, inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six. The six digital fashion silhouettes are for sale as NFT and can be admired as cinematic works in the innovative art gallery Plus One.

For the exhibition and communication in external media like articles in magazine, we have developed an AR experience (Instagram) with which the Cyber-Six universe breaks out of the screen into the real world. Characteristic parts of the iconic 6 fashion items and avatars come to life in AR.

Cyber Six Sketch

Header visual – Brandon Wen
Cyber Six line up – Shayli Harrison

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